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Autogas Fuel tanks,
Armored and engineered to be 20 Times safer, by the Department of Transportation , than conventional gasoline tanks. So safe they are being used for LPG fueled vehicles in all of North America and retro fitted for High Risk Gasoline patrol cars and extended range disaster work vehicles. Safe enough for policia  ( police) in South America in their dangerous war with Drug cartels. These Armored tanks are now available through out the Americas for anyone wanting to protect their most valuable assets. These tanks are preset for Autogas so please call first if unfamiliar for Gasoline use so tank can be setup for your application and filling dispenser.
Bullet resistant.
Can withstand most direct small arms fire. Made from thick Carbon steel with heavy end caps and ASME standardized welds. A true Tank by any other name. See below to outfit your fleet with the best tanks money can buy at wholesale prices. See Video below of Autogas tanks on the Firing Range.

Before you order
 All tanks are palletized for easy shipping. If you need for us to arrange special shipping or multiple delivery sites please call or email for a quote 317-682-0286 or Sales@SaferTanks.com. Our webstore shipping charges are for domestic shipping only. Please call for international quotes. This will be a separate transaction on the website labeled third party shipping.
Please send by email all special request ie: drop-ship straight to my customer at XXXXXXX street, town  etc.


Please watch the video to the right from the Bluebird Corporation on the testing at the Firing Range of Asme approved Autogas (LPG/propane) tanks. Unbelievable but true. Our own test have bore this out as well. The safest place to be in a firefight is on the other side of a SaferTank.